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mare ne bho budda haru

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Share market and politics ka budda haru lai Jungle lage ra chadnu parcha. Then only, Nepal will become duplicate Singapore.

Dharti ko boj haru.

Retired buddha lai layara Nepal banaune 8 class Oli ko sapana.

Murkha Oli, meaning of retirement is "person ready to be buried" not "bring back from dead and make him Finance minister".

biddwan Yuraj K had been in power for around a decade as secratary, governor, National planning commissioner. And what had he done for country except for solving housing crisis. Are you sure housing crisis has been solved. Most of the apartment is still vacant and I dont see them to be filled any time in future.
And Nepal saw no progress during his time in power nor Nepal's banks progressed.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 3591
Indian share market has broken record.

If Trump surrenders his trade war then Indian Share market will keep on breaking record especially when Indian govt has reduced TAX which would increase their economy even higher.

Here comes the point I wanted to talk about:

Our tragedy from the south had predicted about Nifty 50:

Just like his other predictions- except for NEPSE, he is not just wrong, he had predicted just the opposite.

His prediction about Nifty 50 was, it would go up in early 2018 and fall from mid 2018. Reality is, Nifty fell in the early year and has gone for record during mid 2018.

Not able to predict preciously is understandable, but predicting opposite is ...........

Why such a tragic person is able to predict correctly in NEPSE till date?


What kind of dumb am I asking to kharab Rupees question? Who began to invest in share market of Nepal seeing others queuing in line for investing in shares.

Dude from the south is able to predict NEPSE cause BUDDAS and their biatch have been selling their shares hoping NEPSE would crash to 1000. NEPSE is not close to 1000 cause Technical analysis says it, its cause of dumb buddas.

Till when, Buddas will listen to tragedy from south, who has been completely wrong about foreign market??????
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 3591
Copied and paste from the past:

I am trying find his facebook page, but I could not, there you will see photos of some of 1000 gangs big criminals.

This is the person, whom 1000 gang relied upon for technical analysis. Here is his analysis for Crude oil and S&P500. As per him, crude oil is suppose to be heading toward 10$ (75$ says FU). And S&P500 - 2300 (2800 says go F yourself).

If we study his analysis pattern, we can tell, he is nothing more than a sad little person.

He looks correct in NEPSE context cause big criminals are doing bidding for him.

Idiot big criminals whose aukat is nothing more than a driver but has billions of wealth are trying to bring down market to 1000 using their loot wealth. Every time NEPSE tries to increase, they immediately increase supply.

If had been in US, cia would have taken care of them.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 3591
You are right.

But, that should not be the right reason.

Majority have similar view. And I believe that view is built by same big players. So that they could enter and exit in the matter of few months.

Hope international class of investors (NRN first) would change this broken, the most stupid system and make those idiot, brain dead arab pati bhari class budda obsolete from Share market in Nepal.
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As you already know after asar most of the companies will publish their annual report. Maybe old people think it(bonus shares after publishing profits in balance sheet) will bring optimism among investors. Then, there maybe huge demand and it is probable for market to surge up. I must say, its a big MAYBE. Lets see what happens. Bom Bom Bhole :mrgreen: .
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 3591
"asad ayo aba share badcha." What kind of analysis is this? is this the kind of analysis which made them share expert? with this kind of mental level, they have become arab pati share market player.

Sati ko sarap

In the world, big investors are considers as brilliant individuals from whom their govt take advice. In Nepal, their brilliance is "asad ayo aba market badcha". Today same budds follow the person who been saying NEPSE will come to 1000. The same person who predicted 1000 also has predicted Oil should he heading towards 10$ by now.

In nepal, majority of big players have been making billions by manipulating, insider trading. They are dumb piece of sh...

Majority of them have already sold a lot of share and now trying to crash market to 1000.

But, aba budda haru marne bho!!!!!

स्थानीय तहको पैसा निक्षेपमा गणना गर्न दिन सरकार सहमत, साढे २ खर्ब ऋण दिने पैसा उपलब्ध

Nepal needs 10000 highly qualified professional investors with above crore capital.

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