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Mutual Fund

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सेयर बजार घटाईको असरले आईपीओ नै बिक्री हुन छाड्यो

सेयर बजार घटेको बेला आएका यस्ता सामुहिक लगानी कोषहरुले बजारबाट सस्तोमा राम्रा कम्पनीहरुको सेयर किन्न पाउने हुँदा ईकाईको खुद सम्पति मूल्य बढी हुने र चाँडै धेरै लाभांश पाउने संभावना हुन्छ । पहिलेका सबै सामुहिक लगानी कोषहरुको सेयरको घट्दो मूल्यको मार खेप्नु पर्दा प्रति ईकाई खुद सम्पति मूल्य घटेको प्रभावले लगानीकर्तामा नकारात्मक मानसिकता तयार गरेको छ ।

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new mutual funds that are on offer from tomorrow will take 1-1.5 for allocating and listing. In addition, they will start buying very slowly. at least 3-4 months timeframe.

Nevertheless, good for the market.

But i want that shares allocated to mutual funds must have lock-on period for at least a year.

They sell most of the allocated shares as soon as it get listed. :mrgreen:
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Look at the new mutual funds...what a good time they've selected to enter (buy) the market.
How much fund they must invest in stocks, any mandatory rules friends? I heard minimum 60%.
Their timing now means, a big chunk of the market will go in holding for a reasonable time, probably upto 4th quarter end. Otherwise they may end up giving less than bank rates next year, Lol!
This besides, market playing low, end of margin call, stabilising interest rates, upcoming 2nd quarterly reports, soon to be formed new government...add some more....are enough buy signals.

Happy investing, not so happy trading. :D :D
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sathi SIGS1 ko last NAV nai 21.46 chha. 21 ma kinda dherai phaida ta chaina hola ni aba.
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ani rs 21 ma buy gareko haru le kati paucha ta
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I still have mutual fund shares in certificate.

Do I have to digitize it to get cash?
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mutual fund will sell all shares hold by them in market or auction them and collect money and pay to shareholders. This process will take time about 2 months.
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mutual fund matured bhayo bhaney tesley lagani garey ko share haru k hunchha... return ma k painchha

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