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My Buy/sell today

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i been eyeing mnbbl for long. Many people told that its a good buy even when its price was 1600. I resisted the temptation. Didnt buy. Even at this price, i am not sure if i should go for it. Probabbly after bonus price adjustment i will have a look at it again.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Bought MNBBL for long term.

Now I would wait for NRN to enter than I expect price to reach 3000-5000 in 3 year even after a lot of bonus. I am expecting a lot of bonus for decade and more since it is becoming Bank.

Its growth is huge plus deposit growth is also great. Deposit/capital ratio is back to its golden days, after interest crisis is back to normal, I expect with current deposit, its EPS sill be back to golden years + its deposit is growing by a lot so very soon EPS will pass higher than golden days.

And its Operating cost growth is back to normal, which was till last year was around 70%, so, soon We can expect high EPS.

I suggest long term investors to invest 30% of total investment in MNBBL.
Registered: Nov 2017
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Location: Dhalko Link Road, Kathmandu
Sold FOWAD 100@3585
Bought @3400 chanchun
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Sold bpcl 1000@ 730 average purchased @670
sold nbl @376
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Although The Rising Sun has created "The Capitalist" which is realistic but not real.......this heading is created with the purpose of getting what daily traders is doing.....

We all know there are verious types of investor in share market...some invest in ipo only..some for long term only ...some mixes their strategy as daily trader...weekly ..monthly annualy as well as long term investment....

What I did today......
I sold few rbclpo 20@14999
and added nbl 1000@361 ..

what you did at what was your rate of buy sell today???

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