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फेरी नबिलको share को price ६०००+ होला ?

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Investment in share market is a risky business. When there is greater risk, there could be higher return. I had bought SCB shares at 7900 and that had reached to 9000. Now, it is 1800. However, I have not lost that much as I did buy/sale in-between of its shares and got bonus shares several years.

My experience tells me that the keys are "survive", "keep trying", "learn from failures and successes" and "keep cool when it is great going or you are at close to bankruptcy technically".

I think, bull would be the market ruler for a couple of years, though we will see short bear markets in-between. Hence, buying shares of some good commercial banks, hydro-power companies, micro-finance companies and a few insurance companies for long term investment would be better. For trading, there are good development banks, finance companies, hotels and communication companies besides the companies I have already mentioned.

Research, analyses and continuous watch over the market may help to maximize profit and minimize loss. Rumors could be most harmful factor if we fail to read them correctly. However, the rumors are part of market, and we could use the rumors spread by big players for our benefit sometimes.

As far as Nabil is concerned, it is a good company and its share price may go up considerably. The same is true for other good companies also. Seeing improvement in the macro economic, social and political environment, bull ruling the market and improved performance of good companies, such expectations are natural.

Hence, this is BUY/HOLD time.

Disclosure: I own Nabil shares.
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Up and Down, Down and Up.
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यो त शेयर बजारको निरन्तर प्रक्रिया हो, तर शेयर त्यसरी बजार बहुलाएर बढ्ने सम्भावना चाही कम छ है /
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कुनै समय नबिलको share मुल्य ६००० भन्दा बढी,standard chartered को ८००० भन्दा बढी अनि NB बैंकको पनि ४००० सम्म पुगेको थियो l

के अब share मार्केटमा ती दिन फेरी फर्केलान ?

होइन भने एकचोटी फेरी share मा लगानी गर्नेहरु डुब्ने त होइनन ?

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